Thre3bound is a New York story. The energy and movement of the film, mirror that of the city. New Yorkers play by their own rules, have their own pace, cross the streets when and where they feel like it; God, even the subway plays by its own rules. The magic of New York, though, are the relationships. You can go to a random bar on any given night and meet your new best friend, cross paths with your favorite, former colleague or even meet your new ‘person.’ The potential that exists in New York is stunning.
— Kate Forsatz (Executive Producer, Co-Director, Writer)
Thre3bound is an authentic New York flavor. The grittiness and aesthetic of the film show you exactly what NYC is ALL about, well, parts of it anyways.  As a native New Jerseyan, bright lights and big cities were never my thing. However, Thre3bound offers you (me) a glimpse into the magic of the organized + beautiful chaos. Relationships make up everything in this world, and I mean everything (how things are in relation to other things, how I’m in relation to those things and to others, etc etc). But at the root of it all is personal connection. Relationship with self and with others. We see the dichotomy of this broken down in our little indie feature film. It is a journey to self, through self, over and over again.
— Daryl Ferrara (Executive Producer, Co-Director)