We have a talent for collecting good people. To discerningly select your team, nurture and trust them—it allows everyone to take big risks and contribute their full potential to the project—oh, and have an absolute blast doing so.
— Kate Forsatz + Daryl Ferrara (Producers/Directors)
I know that this movie couldn’t have been shot—couldn’t have been as enjoyable of an experience as it was, if it weren’t for the people.
— Jason Griffith (Actor)
It really is a collaboration and that’s something that I adore working with this cast and crew...that makes for better story, that makes for better characters, makes for better designing.
— Emily Chalmers (Costume Designer)
It was an amazing experience to build these relationships...you get so close to people during the filming.
— Andrew Abballe (Director of Photography)
What’s cool about Thre3bound in particular, is not only have there been so many actors [with us] for so long throughout the process, but the crew also has been there...It’s not just the actors or the writers or producers who get to see this grow, its everyone who gets to put in their creative license onto the project, as well.
— Zach Miko (Actor)
I wanted to be a part of whatever was going to make it happen. I came to readings, I wanted to help with the teaser, whatever we did to raise money—fundraising, finding team and talent, whatever I could do. That’s normally how I like to work because I like to work with good people so, we’re on the right team.
— Jennifer Snowdon (Makeup Department Head)